Every movement tells a story.

With each bend of your knee of curve of your spine, a story is being told. For some, it’s a tale of constriction and tightness. For others - fewer, no doubt - it’s a transcendent lightness of being. What’s amazing is that none of these states are fixed; they are fluid and based entirely on how much we believe the stories we’ve told ourselves. And that’s where my work begins.

Change your story. Change your movement. Change your life.

Hi! I’m Amanda, a dancer, performer. and teacher dedicated to helping you wake up your sensuality, creativity, and to connect with the deepest parts of yourself.

My classes and workshops are a playful blend of movement, mindfulness, and a little bit of magic - all designed to evoke personal transformation. The work is challenging and exhilarating, leading participants to become stronger, empowered, and confident beyond their wildest dreams.




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Join me in this private intro class for my first time baby flyers!  Connect in with your body, your movement, and find your wings!