PōL Series with Amanda Wing utilizes breath & mindfulness throughout your pole fitness workout - strengthening your body/mind connection for a keener physical awareness & smoother transitions. This class is for any poler wishing to create a deeper, more meaningful pole practice.

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Join me for PōL SERIES!

Pōl - Technique & Flō (Int/Adv)

$160 / 4 weeks

We begin with a moving meditation that expands into a guided warm up including deep fluid stretches & conditioning. After warm up, we explore a light low-flow sequence or creative exercise to hone your pole movement repertoire.  Our focus then moves to technique based poses and passes up on the apparatus with an emphasis on breath, proper form, transitions, and fluidity.  Our aim is to not just hit out a trick, but to also refine the ways through which we move in & out of it. Lastly, we celebrate ourselves, our practice, & each other with an expressive free dance at class end. 

SATURDAYS 9:30-11:00am @ JVDF

SUNDAYS 11:00-12:30pm @ JVDF

Please inquire for current registration openings.

*These series are ongoing with subsequent registration priority given to currently enrolled students. If series is full, you will be placed on waitlist.